Personal Trainer - Liese Scott

Hi, I’m Liese, and I am here to help you reach your fitness goals.  Whether you need an extra push to train for a specific event, or just want motivation to take better care of your body, I want to be a part of your quest for a healthier, fitter life.

I don’t believe that fitness is just a cookie cutter work out program, or a miracle diet; it’s individualized, and it’s about balance.  It’s a lifestyle.  I want to share what I know, and tailor a plan that works for you.

My journey into the fitness industry started a little later than most, (and completely by accident). 

Living on a ranch, working cattle, training colts, and barrel racing, I stayed pretty fit.  But in my forties, I was thrown by a young horse I was training.  My injuries were bad enough that they prevented me from doing much of anything physical, for several months.  Let me tell you, going from being super active as a ranch hand, to a couch potato will pack on the pounds in a hurry.  After several months of recovery, I realized I needed help.  I had never been inside a gym.  I was self-conscious and intimidated by how far out of shape I had fallen, and it took a lot of courage,…but I hired a trainer, MVP’s owner, Robin Johnson.

Getting into fitness and learning to train was the best decision I ever made. 

Through Robin, I was introduced to bodybuilding and figure competition.  I’ve been competing (and winning) as a Nationally Qualified NPC and Drug Free Figure Competitor since 2009, which has earned me professional status in multiple national organizations. 

Competing as a figure athlete, and my personal fitness journey have been such wonderful blessings, that I want to “give back.”  I want to encourage and motivate anyone who wants to take their own journey wherever it may lead.  Hey, I’m not saying everyone should be a figure competitor, I respect that we all have different ideals, but whatever your goals are, together we can get you there.

Since 2009, I have won several titles as a Natural Figure Competitor, and in 2013 I earned professional status.