My name is Lisa Traugott and I’m passionate about helping my clients reach and exceed their fitness goals.  I specialize in weight loss transformations, because I went through my own.

I’ve been overweight and I’ve been fit.  Fit is way more fun.  I love helping my clients learn about nutrition, the best exercises to look strong and sexy and challenging and how to overcome those mental roadblocks holding them back.

Certified Personal Trainer - Lisa Tragott

Here’s My Story:

  • Lost 50 lbs. as a mom of two at age 38 by entering a bodybuilding/bikini competition.
  • That competition changed my life so much I wrote a book about the experience called “She’s Losing It!” The Statesman Social called it the “Best New Year/New You book”.  It’s like a Rocky for Moms.
  • John Cena/FOX discovered my blog and I became an original cast member on the hit military training reality-TV show American Grit
  • I didn’t win my first bikini competition until I was 41.That alone should give middle aged women hope.  At age 43 I won my first international competition – 2017 Ms. Costa Rica Sports Model.  I can honestly say I look better at 43 than I did at 23 and if I can do it, you can do it!
  • Fitness is my passion and I’m eclectic.  I’ve come in 2nd place in a pole dancing competition, ran two Spartan Runs, and four marathons where I helped raise close to $100,000 for cancer research.  The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society named me Top 3 Fundraiser two years in a row.
  • My transformation story was featured in Muscle & Fitness Hers
  • The fitness program I’ve created, the SLI Method, along with my book and experience on American Grit, has been featured on Good Day Austin, Texas Monthly, Great Day Houston, FOX-TV, and numerous podcasts and online magazines

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