MVP Elite Fitness and our methods have proven results for youth from age 7 to professional level competition. The following training is included when you join MVP Elite Fitness. 

  • Youth Conditioning – Focused on youth of all ages, this training is designed to get youth physically fit and create a foundation for a life-long healthy life style, all while having fun!
  • Starter – Focused on young athletes from ages 7 – 12.  With this program, we focus on small groups to set the foundation for success in any sport by focusing on speed, power, agility, reaction, quickness while building overall coordination.
  • Elite Prep – Focused on athletes from ages 13 – 18, this small group program focuses on the techniques used in our starter program but is more intense.  High school athletes today can be put at a disadvantage by forgetting the basics.  At this level or training we will not only build a base but prepare our athletes for the next level.
  • MVP ELITE PEAK Training – Focused on the elite athlete of all ages, this individualized coaching program focuses on individual needs, goals and improvements needed to complete in his/her specific sport and excel at a competitive level.  We have had great experience with this package with athletes that have become professional in fields such as Golf, Swimming, MMA, Wrestling, Physique Transformation and NFL.